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Who we are...

Incorporated in 2017 by a group of neighbors and friends, we have the sole aim of locating, trapping (or putting into a carrier) feral and stray/community cats and providing them with vaccinations, spaying/neutering them, and returning them to their home location. 

We work with neighbors to ensure the cats are safe and sheltered and fed.  

Please note: we do NOT do adoptions.  We do NOT relocate cats.  We are strictly TNR: Trap-Neuter-Return.  

We work within the cities of East Point, College Park and Hapeville, Georgia.

We are registered non-profit charity with the state of Georgia and as a 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS.  Our EIN number is 81-5048038.  All donations are tax deductible. 

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What we need so we can help the cats...

As in any charitable volunteer organization, we give of our time, our sweat and our tears freely and with great joy to care for our feral cats.  We also donate money and food.

How can you help us help them?  Please consider...

  • Donate money.  We need funds to provide veterinary care for injured or sick cats. 

  • Donate food.  We can use all kinds of dry and canned cat food to keep our cats well fed and healthy.

  • Donate in-kind.  We often have need of special items, such as ice chests/coolers, which make excellent insulated cat shelters to provide warmth and protection to the cats.

  • Subscribe to our email list so you can keep up with our successes and our needs.

  • Join us and give of your time and love for the cats. 

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Subscribe to our newsletter.

Stay up to date with us. Your email is private and is not shared.

Please help so we can continue to give the cats better lives.  Two ways to donate...



Donate via PayPal.  No account required. One time or monthly.  If you do have a PayPal account, send money to a friend (US!) at to save on fees.   Click the button on left.


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To send a check, our mailing address is on the 'check' on the left!

Remember that donations are tax-deductible (Tax ID 81-5048038).

Thank you so much!

We have a few other ways to help out.  

If you are a first-time Chewy customer, please click the Chewy button below so we get credit for referring you.  We love Chewy for our kitty food needs. 

If you are in the Kroger Atlanta division (GA, Carolinas, etc.) use your Kroger Plus card so we get a donation from Kroger.  Easy!  Create an account and select Tri Cities Friends of Kitties as the Community Rewards charity.  You can also just enter our code VJ858.  Every time you shop at Kroger, scan your Kroger Plus card and we get the benefits!

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Give of yourself. We love volunteers!

There are many opportunities available that range from trapping, transporting, feeding, raising funds, keeping records, applying for grants, planning and staging events.  Just click Contact and let us know you'd like to help us help the cats.  Thank you!

Get in touch with us.

If you have a question, or would like to join with us in our care for community cats, or if you'd like us to present to your organization, let us know!  Use the form below or send an email to or you can text us at 470-322-5461

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a shelter or rescue.  We do NOT take in cats or kittens.  We do NOT rehome cats or kittens.  We do NOT perform the functions of your county Animal Services agency.  We do NOT handle neighbor-to-neighbor 'issues.'

We ONLY do trap/neuter/return and care of feral cats within the three cities of East Point, College Park and Hapeville, GA.  See map below for reference. 

Best way for us to contact you.

Thanks! Message sent.

Cities We Serve

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