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TJ has been adopted! Going to his home 12/5 after his 'spa day'!

max xander.jpg

TJ was dumped at Camp Creek Marketplace.  He is about 1, VERY friendly, sweet, purring machine. 

Max (tripod) and little Xander became bonded at the foster's home.  Max kept showing up at a colony in College Park with a hurt leg.  After surgery, he is 100%, sweet, and loves his 'companion kitty' Xander, who came from a colony in East Point. They are bonded for sure! 

Tux and his beautiful sister Foxy were rescued from a bad situation where they were being threatened by some nasty neighbors.  They could not go back there.  They are coming around but need a little hands-on.  Very sweet, gentle, but still scared.


Matilda is as sweet as she is beautiful.  About 2 years old, she was kicked out of her home when her 'humans' got 2 pit bulls, then they moved and just left her in an apartment complex noted for mean dogs and 'children' hurting and killing cats.  We could not leave her.

After all that drama, she got to her foster home and when the carrier was opened, she sauntered out like, 'Hmmm... this is great!' and has been a sweetheart ever since.

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