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From Joann, Hoover's Human. "Hoover was a very charming character and incredibly special to me because of his unwavering loyalty and constant companionship. He wasn't a lap cat which was fine by me since he was 16 lbs but he always wanted to be near me which I loved. Whenever I finally sat down he would

jump up to sit next to me and I would be able to pet him and give him belly rubs but he was never demanding. He had a very unique meow and would often greet and 'talk' to me when I got home. In the morning he would start 'talking' a lot to get me up to either let him out or to get his wet food for him. He liked everybody, people, cats that we brought in to foster, dogs that friends would bring when they came to visit. Everybody liked him because he was just that cool! He was also like a guard dog in that several times I witnessed him chasing off stray cats even though I was trying to help them, he wasn't having it and was protecting his people (or maybe the food, we named him Hoover after the vacuum cleaner after all!) He was an absolutely amazing soul and so much more to me then just a pet. I miss him every day. Rest in peace my sweet Hoover. My heart is broken but I am thankful for every single day you were with me."

A donation in memory of  Hoover was made by Joann's friend, Linda L.


From Jenn and Bo, Christopher's Humans. "Our sweet Christopher is gone. We had a lovely 13 years together and he was such a huge part of our lives. He’s been with me longer than Bo and I have been together. Bo actually gave Christopher to me as a kitten, from a litter his cat had, way back when we were just friends. At least once, during every work day, I’d find myself thinking of his stinky kisses and be excited to get home to snug him. When you are so attached, you know this day will come and you expect it to wreck your heart but letting go has been so much harder than I thought it would be. We are so sad.
To our Kitty, our BB, our Yams, our Grumpy Bun Bun, our Sweet Boy, our Bubba, our Heavy C, our Pumpkin Pie, our Buddy, our Kittles, our Little Prince, our Skinny Mini, our Kitten Poo, our Bubbles, our Tikky Tak, our Baby Boy, our Christopher, we will love you forever."



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From Lori, Gracie's Human.  "This is my Gracie. I fell in love with her and her sisters when they were only about two weeks old and I found them with feral mom in my backyard. I watched them grow, fed them and mom, gained their trust with the help of tuna, and caught them. Matilda died a few days later, but Gracie and her sister, Lefty, found their forever homes here. After some handling with oven mitts and lots of hissing, it was obvious that Gracie was my kitten and I was her human. She followed me everywhere, her favorite spot was in my lap, she woke me every morning by jumping on my head, she greeted me with this wild look of "HI! What are we going to do today?", and she taught me to put things on a high shelf, because she was also a thief! She stole anything she thought would make a fun toy, she took pens, make up brushes, socks, gloves, anything small and within reach. I still find Gracie's stolen toys hidden all over the house. Gracie was not afraid of anything and was into everything!  I remember thinking, I love you so much, what I am going to do when something happens to you one day....but I have many years until that happens, you are a happy, healthy, indoor only kitty.  I was so wrong. 


I lost my Gracie suddenly and unexpectedly on December 3, 2018. She was only 18 months old. She had a brain tumor that quickly invaded the part of her brain that controlled her facial muscles, her ability to swallow, and within 5 days of the first signs, she also went blind and had uncontrollable tremors. I had to say goodbye, and it broke my heart. I think it broke hers too. On her last night at home she came to me and rolled over onto her back, lovingly grabbed my hands and pulled them towards her and I petted her for about an hour while she purred loudly and squirmed under my hands. When she got down, she lay very still in the floor and never really moved purposefully again. She said goodbye to me too.


Lefty still looks for her sister, but she is the total opposite from Gracie. She is very shy and afraid of everything, she does not get in my lap, but does come by for pets and love, and is adorably sweet. We have two older cats too, Marvin and Jenny, and I love them dearly, but there will never be another Gracie. My Gracie was a very special kitten, she was mine and I was hers, and we did not have enough time together.  I love you Gracie May, and I miss you so much. 

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