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Here are our teams, their functions
and our current needs.


  • Each colony has a Colony Caretaker (‘head feeder’) and they can be relied upon to give good data about the colony cats. 

  • All colonies are currently covered as of July 22, 2023.

  • The Head of the Colony Team is Cathy J.  She will record information about each colony in Google Sheets.  It is not fancy data manipulation but a repository for what’s going on.  Names, photos, location of colony, etc.

  • The manager will collaborate with the Colony Caretakers regarding these needs: trap/neuter, shelter, veterinary, feeding, homing.

  • Cathy also handles all the food requests.

  • Carol G handles the colony feeding schedules.


  • Investigate reports of new colonies/cats

  • Coordinate trapping with property owners and trapper

  • Plan trapping and transportation to LifeLine or vet in conjunction with the trapper

  • Assist in securing trap(s)

  • Explain LifeLine procedures

  • Ensure cats recuperate properly before being released back at their home.

  • Secure vet visits for our cats in need.

  • The team members would coordinate with Cathy Jensen as she has the census and info sheets on all the colonies.



  • When we have cats or kittens to find homes for, coordinate those efforts within our organization and also with other groups in metro Atlanta and Georgia

  • Establish and maintain relationships with other relevant animal welfare groups in Atlanta and in Georgia

  • Mary L is part of this team.



  • Create publicity pieces, articles, stories, images, graphics related to our work

  • Maintain our presence on our website, on the Facebook pages and on Instagram

  • Assist in education efforts to the communities we serve

  • Skills in graphics arts highly desirable.

  • Cynthia R, leader.  Need TWO assistants.  Cynthia will coordinate and divvy up requests that come via messenger, text, phone, website.  Explain to requester what we can and cannot do, how we can help, what we expect the requester to do, etc.



  • Contact and schedule awareness sessions with neighborhood leaders and other groups

  • Attend neighborhood association meetings and do our presentation on Community Cats

  • Provide printed materials about community cats and what TCFOK does

  • Help recruit volunteers from the neighborhoods, colleges, churches, and other organizations



  • Maintain our donor list and membership list and communicate with them, with the assistance of the communications manager.

  • Scout out grant and gift opportunities

  • Plan fundraising activities and work with Board of Directors in financial planning

  • Recruit new volunteers.



November 4 Arches Auction Donation Tracking/Coordinator:   It’s only a little over 3 months away.  I have the spreadsheets with last year’s plus a new one for this year’s donations with some new businesses.   


Small benefit: coordinate with author Mike W. Anderson.  Read about his book.  He puts on benefits for animal charities and has worked with Laskey’s Lucky Ones and even though Bucky is a dog, he wants to work with a cat group.

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