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Although TCFOK didn’t officially incorporate as a Georgia 501(c)(3) organization until January, 2017, plans were being made in the late summer and fall of 2016 to begin a concentrated effort to stem the increase in feral cats in East Point, Hapeville and College Park.  We also take care of these colonies and assist with feedings and other necessary care to keep them healthy.  We also have provided shelters for many neighbors who have ‘visiting cats.’

We are a modest group of dedicated volunteers along with many fans and supporters who give generously of their appreciation, time, financial support and food donations.

In no particular order, here are our works for this year, of which we are proud.  We thank everyone who has helped make the lives of these cats a little brighter. 

Please consider helping the feral and community cats. 
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College Park – Four fixed, two adopted

A neighbor of Curt’s working on a house noticed a Mom and two kittens and notified him.   All three were trapped and fixed.  They were housed for a while, hoping for calming.  This was partially successful. The boys calmed somewhat and Mom remained pretty feral. They were returned to their location.   The two boys, over a period of a month or so of tender caring and feeding (!), became much calmer and both have been adopted.  They are now Theo and Chunk.

Mom is still there and has accumulated a few friends.  Two are nearly identical to her and they will need to be trapped and fixed.

Sebastian is a big sturdy blue gray boy who was trapped and fixed and returned to his home territory.

Sebastian in his habitat.

Mom and boys in post-surgery recovery.

Mom and boys in post-surgery recovery.

Chunk, in a festive mood... sort of!

Handsome, playful Theo.

College Park – TEN tame cats!

One of our volunteers, Donna,  on her walk, noticed kittens and adults outside an apartment building.  They were all tame.  Trapping was not needed!  “Here kitty!  Get in the carrier!”  Boom!  Four kittens and their mom, all adopted.

This beautiful girl, Fiona, was also adopted.

Mike is a  handsome, playful young man, adopted

This stately young cat, Lion, is ready for his forever home.  Affectionate and sweet.  Both Lion and his pal Lady Bear were adopted together!

Lovely and sweet Lady Bear needs a home. A little shy but she warms up.  Very gentle.  She's showing us her favorite litter!

Naomi is the sweetest Tortie ever.  Here she is in her prior outdoor home. 

You can see how high-strung she is!  LOL!  The belly, by the way, is shaved from her spay surgery.  Adopted!

East Point – Discarded then rescued

Sadly, some people regard unwanted animals as trash and discard them to fend for themselves.  Cruel and inhumane.  Fortunately, for these two siblings, someone notified us and Jana was able to trap them.  They are currently being fostered and will be available for adoption soon.  No names yet and not sure of sex.  Being spayed/neutered in January.  Gorgeous ginger and ridiculously fluffy tabby! Adopted together!

East Point – In a taped-up box and abandoned

Curt got a call from a local business.  They found inside a box this gentle, sweet and beautiful girl.  Her age is unknown but probably about 2 – 4 years old.  She appears to be spayed but we will get her shaved to look for a surgery scar.  Beautiful green eyes.  Very gentle and playful.  Currently being fostered and needing a home.  A true lap cat and quite the purr-meister!  Adopted!

East Point – In a crawl space under a house: Three adults, one juvenile, three kittens

Colonial Hills resident notified us of a Mom (the tortoiseshell) and 5 kittens who were initially spotted trapped in a window well of a church.  Got them out and spent a month or more feeding and trying to trap.  Managed to trap and fix Mom and two other adult cats and a 'teenager.'  They were returned to their ‘home’ and are being fed.

Two of the 5 kittens spotted initially didn’t make it, sadly.  We did get these three.  All the kittens have some degree of vision and eye problems due to a virus passed through Mom to them in utero.  Two had  surgery to alleviate these conditions in April 2018 and are now living happily and peacefully with a family of 5 and one dog!

East Point – Found in a chicken coop

Jefferson Park neighbors told us about this little guy whom they spotted and nicknamed Coop.  He was quickly adopted after being fixed and renamed Oliver.

And if you worry about how a new addition to the family might upset your other furry friends, witness Oliver and Hansen, the existing kitty.  A pile of love!

East Point – Sylvan Rd.

This cutie was living across Sylvan from the Walmart. Gentle and beautiful, he was fixed and adopted.

East Point – Publix parking lot

This young lady was living in the Publix lot and Curt trapped her, fell in love with her and adopted her.  She is now known as Ginny.  She's not a Mom but so adored other kittens being fostered, she 'helped.'

East Point – Four hardware store kitties

These four are currently living in the care of a local hardware store, and living behind it. They have food and shelter.  All four are now fixed.  Store employees are now caring for them but when the store moves this year, we may have to adopt them and feed them.  

East Point – Mom and kittens and friends

A neighbor asked for our help in getting the Mom and kittens fixed.   We have trapped and fixed Mom and the probable Dad and two kittens plus one unrelated adult. So… still three kittens to go.  They are elusive but we have not given up.  One kitten is tame and has been adopted after being fixed.

Mom, top left. Pearl, tame kitten #2 (first trap of 2018!) top right.  At left, Kitten #1.  Likely 'Dad' below, plus one other 'friend.'

Hapeville and Jonesboro – Five found in yards

A sister of a volunteer found four kittens in her yard and a Hapeville neighbor alerted us to a kitten she had found in her yard.  They were all tame and adopted out after being fixed and fostered for a bit.

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