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These two have a story...

These kittens were found by a Colonial Hills neighbor at a church in the neighborhood. They and three siblings had fallen into a window well.  Curt fixed up an 'escape ramp' and baited it with food.  Success!  Should have trapped them THEN but we learn as we go.  Trapping began and Mom and several other adults were trapped and released.  Once we had the kittens' courage up, we trapped three.  No more kittens were seen so sadly, we lost two of them.  All the kittens had some degree of eye damage in utero.  This is very common in feral cats, usually due to herpes being passed to them.

They are happy, healthy, fixed but they need to have surgeries to fix their eye problems.

The black and white girl has a  non-existent right eye.  It needs to be removed and sewn up to give her a pirate look and more comfort.  Her left eye has an undeveloped upper eye lid and the eyelashes are turned down, scraping her 'good' eyeball.

The ginger male has underdeveloped eyes and the left one has no vision.  He also has eyelashes scratching his eyeballs.

The surgery for the enucleation (eye removal) and the freezing of the eyelashes will run about $2000, and the vet has extended to us a good discount. 

Please help give a better life to these two.  We and they appreciate it!  Oh, and by the way, their surviving sibling is just fine.  Her eyes appear pretty normal!

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